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Dimitrios Thomas received his Dip. Ing. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Democritus University of Thrace (2010), Greece, a MSc in Power Systems Engineering from University College London (2012), U.K. and a MSc in Management from International Hellenic University (2013), Greece. In 2015, he started his PhD in the Department of Electrical Engineering, UMONS under the collaboration of ERA-Chair Team. His major research interest and activities focus on smartgrids-microgrids, energy management systems, renewables integration and optimization techniques.

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Energy management systems (EMS) and optimal control are of key importance in developing smartgrid/microgrid applications, either grid-connected or off-grid. The use of smart technology through comprehensive and efficient facility management functions characterize the smart buildings which are a vital part of smart grids. A high building performance can be only guaranteed by a well-managed and controlled energy system. In smart buildings, two are the main challenges for the efficient control of the EMS: (1) the integration of on-site energy production and storage systems and, (2) the two-way communication between buildings and smart grids. Energy balance and efficiency, high power reliability and cost-saving demand the development of optimal scheduling and control algorithms. The main research aim of this thesis is the development of such scheduling and control algorithms for EMS models using renewable energy sources and distributed generation units. The EMS models are formulated as optimization problems and time-step programming is used to optimally address their operation and control.

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