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Ionut Razvan Grigore holds a Master Degree in Energy Conversion and Motion Control delivered by the Technical University of Iași, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Energy and Applied informatics (Romania), since 2013. He worked 3 years as teaching assistant and researcher at Automatic Control Laboratory at the University of Mons. Since 2016, he is acting as a research engineer for the INOGRAMS project in our laboratory. His major points of interest are the wind energy production systems, energy harvesting systems, motion control and power electronics.


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The aim of the research is to design and implement autonomous energy devices for supplying different electrical installations along the railway tracks in order to maintain disponibility of energy supply and to reduce the amount of deployed cable.Vertical wind turbines (Savonius) and a rail deflexion energy recovery system will be installed, tested and exploited near to the La Louviere train station.

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