Jean-François Toubeau

PhD Student


Jean-François Toubeau received the Master’s degree in electrical engineering from University of Mons, Belgium, in 2013. He is currently a PhD student in the Electrical Power Engineering Unit, University of Mons. His research interests include decision-making in the context of power markets as well as data analytics and processing.


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Thesis Abstract

The research is realized in the framework of the Smartwater project, founded by the Walloon Region, which aims at evaluating the economic benefit of using former quarrying sites, mines or natural height differences for installing medium-sized (typically from 1 MW up to 10 MW with a capacity of a few hours) pump-hydro storage plants. The profitability of the plant is maximized by being included into a larger portfolio participating in energy and ancillary services markets. Specifically, the contribution focuses on coupling medium-term (from one week up to one year-ahead) and short-term (day-ahead and intraday) perspectives in order to efficiently account for the interdependencies and possible conflicting objectives between these time horizons. This involves data analysis and processing as well as the implementation of an adequate stochastic programming formulation for efficiently managing uncertainty.

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