Lazaros Exizidis

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Lazaros Exizidis studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) in Greece, specializing in Power Engineering. During his studies, he has spent a semester as an exchange student at the University of Ghent (UGent) in Belgium, where he worked on his final diploma thesis. From February 2013 he is a PhD candidate at the University of Mons (UMons), Belgium. His research is focused on the impact of wind power stochasticity on modern electricity markets, using optimization techniques and game theory. Under the framework of his PhD thesis Lazaros is also collaborating with the Energy Analytics and Markets (ELMA) group of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Elektro, CEE), where he is a guest PhD student.

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Thesis Abstract

Environmental awareness followed by political decisions mitigating climate change, have led to an increased penetration of wind power in energy systems. Albeit efficient and economically attractive, wind power is characterized by its stochastic nature which poses significant challenges to market agents. The main focus of the ongoing PhD research is to investigate the impact of the availability and quality of wind power forecasts on social welfare and various market agents' objectives. To this end, advanced optimization techniques as well as game-theoretic approaches are indispensable tools for optimally describing and analyzing the market setup as well as the corresponding agents' interactions.

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